5 Exciting Activities for Holidays to Madeira Portugal

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Have you ever encounter a state with so many choices and you didn’t know where to start? Well, that’s the problem if you are visiting Madeira Portugal. The Madeira Island is part of Portugal, which is farther south 400 miles west from the Morocco. The average temperature is 25c in September and October. It’s made up with the Desertas, Porto Santo and the Island of Madeira. Primarily spoken language is English. However, National language is Portuguese. Via Business Insider 2014 Madeira Island was selected the second time as Best Island in the Europe. Here we have compiled five exciting activates for your holidays to Madeira Portugal.

1. Monte Cable

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Part of the Monte city is above sea level. Although there is local transport which can take you down or uphill, this 15 minutes’ journey by the cable car is exciting as well as relaxing at the same time. On the ride up to Monte, you can enjoy the mesmerising view of city and surrounding scenery. This trip takes up to 15 minutes. On reaching the top, you can experience the view of town and gardens while having the snacks and some shopping from handicraft shops

2. Monte Toboggan Rides Holidays to Madeira

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On your way back from Monte to downhill, you can enjoy this exciting ride on winding roads of Monte. In 1890, locals came up with this unique yet interesting idea of traveling to downhill. The old-fashioned ride called Toboggans which is consist of two seats and pushed by two runners. The ride can reach the speed of almost 30m/h. You will enjoy this 10 minutes thrilled ride.

3. Cabo Girão

Cabo Girao
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Cabo Girão has the height of 1900 feet, and it’s the highest sea cliff in the Europe and 2nd largest in the world. It has always been one of the musts see the attraction for the tourists. But new standing on glass platform gives a unique sensation. You can experience the marvelous view of the Atlantic Ocean, but at the same time, you can see the view of shore straight beneath your feet. While your trip to Cabo Girão also visits Faja Dos Padres beach which located in the lower area. You will get the sense of privacy on that beach due to the difficulty of access.

4. Ponta Do Sol

ponta do sol
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If you are looking for pebble beach and sunnier days in September and October’s month, then you should visit Ponta Do Sol. This is the brightest place on the Madeira island. You will find more sunshiny days in this beautiful & peaceful village compare to any other part of the region. Meanings of the Ponta Do Sol are Sun Point.  You will never forget the beautiful romantic sunset scene of this villages.

5. Rock Pools of Porto Moniz
Rock Pools of Porto Moniz
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Porto Moniz is well-known for its natural pools. Many pools are made up of volcanic rocks and filled up with natural crystal clear sea water refilled by the tide. You can enjoy bathing in a very relaxing natural surroundings. These pools are open all year and many facilities like lifeguards, snack bars, children’s swimming pool, large swimming pools, deck chairs and sunbathing area. Whether you want to enjoy the swimming or sunbathing, do visit Porto Moniz to make memorable your holidays to Madeira.

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