Bellevue Club Alcudia, Its Vacation Time With Family

bellevue club alcudia

Bellevue Club Alcudia is located on the lake near the Alcudia Port, Spain. It is a thirteen-minute walking distance from the Alcudia beach. It is a family resort near the Albufera Natural Park. This resort is located near the sandy beach allowing people to visit the beach whenever they want.

A Homey Feeling While You Are Away From Home!

The resort offers you condos with large rooms. These rooms are furnished, the kitchen equipped with a fridge, you are also provided with a TV and Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy your stay. This resort has a very homey feeling to it; you can enjoy your vacations while you still feel at home! It even has about eight pools, and so you can go sailing if you want since there is an artificial, connected lake to the sea.

It Is Food Time After All Bellevue Club Alcudia

Club Alcudia provides you with the best food service ever! It has two buffet restaurants from where you can eat as much as you like. This resort gives you international cuisines. There are snack and refreshment bars and cafes where you can go out to eat. The resort also has a Show Garden where you will you with not only mouth watering food but also with entertainment. Throughout this entire visit, you will never run out of places to eat and enjoy your food that is for sure!

EnjoyYour Time With Your Family!

The Bellevue Club Alcudia resort known for its fabulous facilities and services. You and your family can enjoy your vacations here; you can go swimming if you want since the resort has almost eight pools through the compound. Or you can even go and play mini golf, or a game of tennis. You can go on trips, and on sightseeing! Some local activities here are going go-karting, and also going to water parks. Through this resort, you have the perfect opportunity to go sailing and to enjoy the beautiful sights. The resort provides you with shows and music bars so that you can enjoy yourselves.
If you ever feel like going out and exploring the town, then you should know that only five kilometers away is the town of Alcudia where you can go. There you will find a variety of different restaurants and also many snack bars and clubs where you can also go and enjoy the night!

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The Right Place For You!

This resort provides you with excellent service. The staff is very polite and kind. It also gives you the chance to relieve yourself from all the stress and to enjoy yourself for a long time. It is a great place to visit along with your family since it is a family friendly resort and anyone can come here. So if you feel like taking a nice relaxing vacation, a holiday that doesn’t have such an impact on you budget then, Bellevue Club Alcudia resort is the right place for you! Read about Los Zocos Club Resort.

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