Columbus Hotel Tenerife; Great Place For Your Vacations!

columbus hotel tenerife

 The Magnificent Island:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also known as Santa Cruz is the capital of the Canary Islands in Spain. It is one of the most shared and famous tourist spots in the whole of Spain. Every year, thousand of couples and families visit the island to admire its beauty and to have a relaxed vacation on the Island. The island has clear blue waters and glinting sand along with exotic greenery that surrounds the whole island making this island more captivating. Throughout the year, many hotels are booked because the number of families that come here for vacations is enormous. Columbus Hotel Tenerife is one of the best resort in the area.

A Common Tourist Residence Spot:

One of the most common places where the tourists live is the Columbus Hotel Tenerife. It has become a famous tourist spot mainly because of its location. If you are free and would want to check out what is at the hotel, then you can go and visit Siam Park, which is approximately 1.2 km away from the hotel, or you can visit Chiyoda, which is a country club perfect for relaxing. This is just 3.3 km away. Also, the airport, Tenerife Sur Airport is 15 km away from the hotel.

About The Apartments Columbus Hotel Tenerife

The Hotel Tenerife is located in the area Playa de Las Americas in Tenerife. It recently underwent renovation, and it is not a great modernized hotel which makes it a great spot to reside in. Not only do they offer standard hotel rooms, but they also offer some apartment rooms with a kitchen provided that the resident of the apartment caters for himself or herself. Facilities provided: The reception of Columbus Hotel Tenerife is open for twenty hours a day. Wi-Fi services are available, that too without any cost! You can also rent a car at the hotel through the car rental services it provides. Also, you get to make the best expeditions around the island, and you can also easily get hold of tickets for the most popular leisure parks that are present in Tenerife. Inside the hotel, there is a supermarket and a salon. There is also a cash machine and a wellness center present inside the hotel which ultimately makes the hotel a great place to stay.

The hotel also offers an outdoor pool and also has a buffet restaurant. The hotel also provides accommodation on the condition that you cater yourself. The property of the hotel is present 600 meters from Veronica’s strip which contains the best beaches. There is a distance of 700 meters between the hotel and the Golf Las Americas, which has the most vital sports centers and the best shopping areas that are present in the South of Tenerife.

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The apartments that Columbus hotel offers have a balcony and also pay-per-view channels and a safety box for deposits. There is also a hot tub and a garden. You can also find other services like game rooms and other entertainment stuff as well.

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