Fun For Everyone – Top 3 Fun Restaurants in London

fun restaurants in london

Fun Restaurants in London

When it comes to spending quality time with your loved ones in London, trying to choose the venue of your date is hard sometimes. But London is the hub of museums, restaurants, clubs and parks that are specially designed for entertainment that’s the main reason people don’t like to visit the traditional coffee shop or the local restaurant. If you are also looking for Fun restaurants in London, then read this review to enjoy an excellent dinner with your loved ones. Let’s get started.

Shaka Zulu

One restaurant that you should consider is the “Shaka Zulu” restaurant. Here both you and your date will be entertained with the fantastic food menu. The “Shaka Zulu” restaurant offers a wide selection of animal meats, for example, ostrich, springbok, and even zebra. Staff members will take care of you from the beginning of the dinner right until the time when both of you leave the restaurant. Every age group can enjoy this restaurant. If you are looking for a relaxed and restaurant to eat, try then try “Shaka Zulu”. This restaurant is not the chicest one, but it is surely one of the funniest restaurants in London. Book your table now.

Phone: 0203 376 9911
Stables Market,Chalk Farm Rd,
London NW1 8AB

Dar Marrakech

Here is another favorite family-run restaurant because of its best North African cuisine. It is a perfect place to enjoy a Shisha, meal and belly dancers are also available on your request. Every age group can enjoy this fun restaurant in London. My personal favorite dish of this restaurant is royal couscous. Delicious! I took my clients to eat there recently, and they loved the royal couscous. According to me, it’s a great place to eat if you are looking for an affordable place. You won’t be disappointed to try it.

Phone: 0207 262 0560
422 Edgware Road,
Paddintgton, London, W2 1EG

No 20

Want to impress someone? Then take him to the No 20. It is one of the funniest restaurants in London. Located on the ground floor of the Sanctum, this restaurant offers modern British cuisine with the background of sumptuous Soho. The restaurant is known for its evolving modern British cuisine that is combined with other world cuisines. In the day time they offer breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and in the night, they offer best cocktails. If you are the lover of cocktails, then I recommend you to visit the No 20. This restaurant gets busy, so I’ll suggest you reserve a table before visiting. The 2nd reason to try this restaurant is, it offers everything from breakfast to dinner and cocktails.

Phone: 0207 292 6102
20 Warwick Street,
The Sanctum Soho Hotel, London W1B 5NF

Nowadays, diners are looking for the enjoyable environment regardless of the occasion. It maybe a date, a lunch hour or Sunday brunch. Just because of this reason, restaurateurs are finding new ways of grabbing the attention of the customers by offering them entertainment along with the dining experience. Above mentioned Fun restaurants in London will never let you down. You can also read about some of the awesome restaurants in London here. I know this list is not comprehensive, in fact, it is limited, but it will allow you to enjoy a meal with your loved ones.

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