Discover Amazing Greek Beaches With Greek Island Cruises

greek island cruises

Greek Island Cruises

Hmmm! So you are planning a cruise? Maybe not! Whatever is the reason but if you want to travel to Greek Islands or you are interested in valuable information; here is your virtual guide and will provide you required information, facts and interesting details. So, are you ready to enjoy the Greek island Cruises.

Europe is full of grace, elegance, amazement and charm and when it comes to Southern Europe (Greece), it’s truly a dream coming true for island lovers. Greek Islands are nothing more than a buffet with a range of approximately 6000 islands and islets. These alluring islands have a magnetic power and mesmerising tourist 24/7 and 365 days of a year. Do you know how many of them are populated? Only 227 of them are occupied by inhabitants and another interesting thing, exclusively! 80 plus islands have permanent residents. The sun of the Mediterranean Sea shines and stuns every day by the beauty of this region.

Interesting Information

Let’s Figure out some interesting Information Regarding these historical islands:

  • Greece has a GUN CAPITAL of the world. About area, the largest island of Greece is CRETE and it is also on top in the European nation when it comes to the ratio of guns/person. You might be thinking this area dangerous, but it’s safe because they use it to express happiness, not the anger. i.e On birthdays, weddings and other for festivals.  
  • Greece and the islands are the home of “most diverse wildlife” among the Europe.
  • National game of Greece is Football.
  • Greek Islands have still protected ancient history and civilisation in its cradle.
  • Sun Shines in Greece for approximately 3000 hours a year.

6 Clusters of Islands

Do you know that Greece Islands are categorised in 6 separate bundles and here they are:

  1. Ionian (Lush Greenery)
    As the name suggests, the islands of this cluster are located near the Ionian Sea. Renowned names of islands of this area are Zante, Corfu and Kefalonia. This category of islands is lying off the north-west coast of Greece.
  2. Argo-Saronic
    Most popular islands lying in this cluster are Poros and Aegina, located in the Saronic Gulf.
  3. Cyclades (Typical)
    In the Aegean Sea, there lies a solid group of diverse islands where famous islands are: Santorini and Mykonos.
  4. North Aegean: To the north-east side of Greece the cluster of popular holiday destinations include: Thassos, Samos and Lesvos.
  5. Sporades: Near Pelion region, of the eastern coast of mainland Greece, is a small cluster of almost 11 islands that include Skopelos.
  6. Dodecanese:  A Loose string of 12 islands hug the Turkish coast from Rhodes. The name the Dodecanese means “Twelve”.

Top 10 Islands

Your Eyes might get bigger by reading about 6000 islands in one place so, here we have narrowed down the virtual visit. The Top Ten are:

  1. Hydra (Saronic Gulf)
  2. Milos (Cyclades)
  3. Alonnisos (Sporades)
  4. Kastelorizo (Dodecanese)
  5. Gavdos (Near Crete)
  6. Ithaca (Ionian)
  7. Syros (Cyclades)
  8. Ikaria (Eastern Aegean)
  9. Paxos (Ionian)
  10. Tilos (Dodecanese)

The Greek Island Cruises will never let you down. You will experience beaches: pebbles, rocks,  sand dunes, dark volcanic soil, coastal wetlands and much more. As far as the uniqueness is concerned, you will find it everywhere, in cuisine, atmosphere, climate, wildlife, history, activities, local culture and adventure.

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