How to Make the Most Out Of Your Euro Disney Holidays

euro disney holidays

When you tell your kids you are taking them to Disneyland; they are going to scream with joy. It is said half of the fun lies in getting to Disneyland and then the real of the fun begins. Kids certainly long for Euro Disney Holidays tour. Being parents, you have to be sure what is the best time to visit the place and the whole planning depends on how many days the trip is going to last. Most of the visits are usually short unless families have plans for exploring other regions in Paris too.

Even for parents arriving at Disney could be a unique experience as you are driving on the main road under the arches of Disney. The whole view of the hotel and gardens around is breathtaking. Anyone who is above the age of 3 is going to need a ticket. It is best to have a hopper pass so that you can move between the parks freely and let your kids see the shows and the parades they want.

The Basics of Euro Disney Holidays

Disneyland Paris has lots and lots of attractions to explore. For any fan, there are some basics to know:

  • There are two theme parks in Disneyland one is Disneyland Park, and the other one is Walt Disney Studios Park
  • There is a village which is full of attractions like golf courses, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and bars
  • Face to face meeting with the Disney characters—It is one the favorite activities of kids

There are 7 themed hotels in Disneyland and onsite resorts where visitors can stay. Free shuttle bus service is available, and bars and restaurants located nearby too for the ease of the visitors.

Euro Disney holidays tour often tend to go so overwhelming that you get confused what to see first and what not to see. Don’t worry, here are some of the things you can do in Disneyland as you land there:


Of course, the place itself is a package full of entertainment in disneyland entertainment for people of all ages with its regular parades and shows. The Walt Disney Studios Parks has plenty of fantastic stuff to please the visitors with such as the Studio Tram Tour, Art of Disney Animation, Animagique, Crush’s Coaster and more. From here, head to the Disney village for more entertainment. It is full of attractions and even the most fabulous dining places. The most wonderful of all is the Sleeping Beauty Castle that has stained glass windows and tapestries. Everything here is magical, and it will keep reminding you of every Disney movie you have ever seen.

Dining Out In Style

Would you like to dine out in style? There is a wide variety of gourmet foods served in the Parks, and there are best restaurants within the Walt Disney Studio Park itself such as Bistrot Chez Remy, which is based on the restaurant shown in the movie Ratatouille. There are similar other Disney and Victorian themed restaurants that have fantastic views for visitors.

Enjoy the Crazy Rides

disney holidays

There is no doubt that individual of every age will find something related to his interest in Disneyland that will make his time enjoyable. For all those who would love to have a taste of the scary rides, there is a whole list of them that you wouldn’t want to miss. For example Big Thunder Mountain, which is also known as Thunder Mesa, is an underwater tunnel ride which takes you to an island where you pass through caves.

Meet the Disney CharactersCharacters maker

This is one of the fun parts of the Euro Disney holidays. Name it and you will see everything one whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald or even the new Disney characters. Visitors are allowed to meet them and take pictures with them. They are found at selected locations and even some restaurants located throughout the Parks.

Go Behind the Scenes

Kids would love to go behind the scenes of the Disney Studios Park and see how the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies are made. There is a Disney Cinema that is full of thrilling attractions and even shows. The most favorite one is the Toon Studio Shows that where the visitors get to see the most famous Disney animated characters. There is even an art of Disney Animation Section, which teaches the visitors simple tricks of creating animations and pieces of art.

Shop till You Drop

There are lots of boutiques in Disneyland along with themed stores where you can buy sweets, clothes, décor and even some toys. Your kids can keep on having the Disney fun, and you can rejoice with the boutiques around.

Get a Little Pampered

Disneyland is not all about kids’ entertainment; there is lots of entertainment stuff and activities for adults especially parents too. For example, who wouldn’t like to get pampered in Paris? The Disneyland hotels have spas for adults where they can enjoy a good time to recharge and feel refreshed. Facial treatments and stone massages are on the menu.

The Euro Disney Holidays like these could be one of a kind for you and your kids. There are some tips that you must consider if you want to make the most out of them. Never rush on yourself, it is wise to stop by and grab a bite during the exploring session. Make sure you take your kids for a nap in the afternoon so that they can recharge their batteries and get ready for more fun. If you are unable to see everything, do not lose heart, there is always next time.

Holiday season like Christmas is the time when Disneyland is crowded with tourist. Of course, there are discounts and lots of other stuff of entertainment available during that season so do not miss the opportunity of having fun at its peak. Even parents would love to enjoy along with their kids because this place is created for everyone to have fun. It is recommended to have everything planned ahead of time so that you know where to stay, where to eat and what places to see in this overwhelming land.

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