The Sun Holidays – 6 Destination Ideas For Every Budget

the sun holidays

The Sun Holidays and Summer

Don’t want to spend your summer times in a disappointed way? Many of us are looking to find the summer sunshine. But unfortunately holiday destinations are too expensive, or for some people long flight is too much irritating, so in this article I will give you some options which help you to find out the best holiday destinations so that you can spend The Sun Holidays in an economical way.


Malta is an island which is not so much big not small, but it is fully packed with the activities like splendid scenery and a fascinating history that will engage you during your stay. This place is also known as the air museum. Malta is the perfect blend of the history and modern cultures with castles and outstanding architecture. You are permitted to walk in your footsteps to reach the St Paul in Rabat’s catacombs, where you can see the place where Knight’s of St John secured Christendom. You can visit the St Julian’s, where you can see the famous international D.J. at the most popular local bars.

Three places are so much famous to enjoy the Sun Holidays like quieter resorts of St Paul’s Bay, Qawra and Bugibba. Apart from that, two attention-grabbing beaches are also famous at Golden Bay and Mellieha. You can say that Malta’s has totally changed from the last some years. There are unlimited holiday destinations which give you the chance to experience the nightlife of the Mediterranean at its peak. The natural beauty and party atmosphere of the Malta is attention grabbing for the youngsters also. In short, for the summer fun, Malta is the best holiday destination.


Tunisia is the best summer holiday destination. It is fully packed with the best beaches which is also considered to be the best place for the summer vacation. Apart from the beaches, you will see many options for the shopping. You will find everything from designer wears to traditional stalls and African stuff. Its beautiful landscape is perfect to feature the film and to add temptation in it. This place will give you the sunshine up to 14 hours and the average temperature in summer goes up to 27C, which makes Tunisia is the best holiday destination.

Costa Del Sol

Costa del Sol, the next most famous place for the holiday destination. It is found on the southern coast of Spain with the broad range of resorts. Personally, I like the Nerja resort because it is so much peaceful along with a rush coastline. Torremolinos is also best resort which is fully packed with the small boats to the big ships.

On the Costa del Sol, Benalmadena is the famous family resorts which are packed with the attention grabbing promenade, bars, shops, and restaurants so every person can go according to his choice and taste. Here you will see the beautiful park along with the wildlife like Dolphinarium and many others. Next is Fuengirola; the best option for the families because it is filled with the beaches, shopping centres, and Zoo. Besides it, you will see the wealthy resorts like Puerto Banus and Marbella, which is the ideal place to see the stars, famous restaurants, and bars. Personally, Costa del Sol is the best summer holiday destination if you want to stay away from the terrible British weather, and want to enjoy hot summer days.

Costa Blanca

When we talk about the Sun Holidays, it is my personal favourite place because it holds sandy beaches, hotels, entertainment places, digging shops, bars, and resort which is suitable for the sun holiday destinations. If you are the lonely person, older or want to get rid of the British weather, then this is the best choice for you.

Many other quiet resorts are also there like Albir, which is just 20 min away, but you can relax from the busy life. You can also visit the Alicante, which is the most growing cities of Spain’s where you will see everything like cafe’s and restaurants. On the Costa Blanca, the weather is mild as compared to the northern Europe, which is good to enjoy the cool days. However, if you like the warm climate, then you can stay here for a long time of period.


Majorca, one of the best holiday destinations where rich and famous people come to enjoy. In the 1980’s Majorca was a less vibrant place, and that’s why it is considered to be the cheap holiday destination which can be easily afforded by anyone. Just like China Majorca worked hard on improving its life standard, and indeed, they re-established their condition to become the Europe’s most preferred holiday destinations, especially for the families and people who like the beaches, resorts with entertainment and facilities.

In summer, you can enjoy the hot temperature with sunshine. Palma, the most attention-grabbing cities of the Spain because of its breathtaking church where you can easily spend the Holidays. If you like the lazy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and modern culture, then it is the ideal place for the summer holidays.

The Algarve

Algarve’s, the most fabulous rock-strewn shoreline covering the place of 155km. A lot of Algarve’s resorts are packed with the attraction despite the fact of tourist traffic. You can enjoy the water sports and vibrant nightlife with your family.

To conclude, no one wants to control or change the weather. Apart from the destinations as mentioned above there are many safe and guaranteed the Sun Holidays destinations where you can enjoy the weather and don’t want to come back for sure. At the end of this article, I want to give you one tip. Be careful while booking a summer sun holiday because some destinations are very expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Don’t forget to book the warm swimming pool to enjoy swimming under the sun and give a relaxation effect to your body during the holidays.

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